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Your vision is our mission

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Your vision is our mission

Hoff Concepts was conceived in 2014 and a robust business structure was
quickly established to enable us to create a wide range of online, bespoke
software systems, tailor-made to meet the expectations of a wide range of businesses.

Consisting of a small, yet dynamic, team, we are fluent in a wide range of
programming languages, design and a host of other professional skill sets.
Planning, programming, web design and development, and a wide range of
marketing design services are just a few of the products and services we can
offer with a variety of  Web Solutions to successfully complete the most
demanding and complex web projects.

The Solution is the Cloud

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Great Business Solutions

Hoff Concepts simplifies IT management with affordable software to meet the variety of needs of small and medium sized businesses. Currently Hoff Concepts has one product on offer and several others in development.

Hoff Concepts simplifies IT management with affordable software to meet the variety of needs of small and medium sized businesses. Currently Hoff Concepts has one product on offer, and several others in development.

What we do

We can develop and configure a CMS as part of your website solution, either putting you in control or managing it for you.

Hoff Concepts are able to equip your businesses and work-force with intuitive tools and bespoke features that integrate critical business functions with
powerful editorial control. Our creatives and programmers work closely to design and develop business solutions that are forward thinking and intuitive.

Proactive Planning

Proactive Planning

Planning plays an important part in today's business. Through the instigation of customer deliverables we are able to tailor content management systems (CMS) for almost any business.  We believe this element is key to maximize efficiency and increase productivity.

Powerful Technologies

Powerful Technologies

We comply with all recognised internet standards to ensure that our products are robust, compatible and secure in today's presence on the web.  We utilise the latest tools in responsive web design enabling us to offer a range of dynamic, bespoke services that are key in today's market place.

Advice & Support

Advice & Support

At Hoff Concepts we believe that supporting our customers is the best way to ensure secure business relationships, and we value our customers, of whatever size.  No matter how large, or small, your business, your needs are important to us!

Customer Care

A little more about us

  • Crafted With Love

    Crafted With Love

    We're proud of our work. Crafted with innovation, creativity and passion, everything we do is focused on the task at hand. We believe that good design with the right content and clear, clutter-free navigation, combining functionality and usability, are the crucial key assets of any website.

  • Lightning Fast and Secure

    Lightning Fast and Secure

    We hold ourselves to strict security standards without compromising the speed of content delivery. The protection of dynamic script languages, such as ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, JSP, and CGI is a primary focus for us as it plays a vital role in the
    ever expanding, global security threat on the internet today.

  • Awesome Design

    Awesome Design

    A well planned website is one of the most important facets of the public face of a company. Websites need to be user-friendly - intuitive, straight forward and engaging.  The visual impact of a well designed website can entice more prospects and help to promote the growth of your business.

Product screen shots

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Hr Plus Plus (HRIMS)

Promotional Video
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Hr Plus Plus (HRIMS)

Pay Slip
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Hr Plus Plus (HRIMS)

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Customer Support

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Our knowledgeable representatives know our products inside-out and can
quickly help you get the correct information or technical support you require. All
support representatives are English-speaking and reside in the United Kingdom
(Channel Islands).

Our 'Support Hub' is a dedicated team and will provide you with the service you deserve.


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